Oceanus SUP Ankle-Mount Retractable Board Leash

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The Oceanus SUP Ankle-Mount Retractable Reel Board Leash is a proven board leash system that won't hinder your ability to adjust your footing or paddle and rides very much the same as being leash-free with the peace of mind of knowing you are connected. The reel leash is an extremely durable, lightweight retractable system designed for use in a fresh or saltwater environment.

When used as directed, the reel leash eliminates leash drag, trolling for plant life and tangling in underwater debris. This reel eliminates the possibility of hang-ups while paddling in areas with rocks, reefs, lobster traps, kelp, plants, fallen trees, tree stumps, etc.

The reel leash is a lightweight plastic housing that contains a stainless steel spring and spool of webbing connected to a snap hook. The mouth of the housing where the webbing feeds through is re-enforced from the inside making it more durable. The ankle-mount leash is attached to the ankle via webbing strap with velcro and the reel provides a low-profile, straight-line feed to the board leash plug. This model may be worn on the ankle, waist belt, or personal flotation device.

The Oceanus SUP Board-Mount Retractable Reel Board Leash is all about quality, enoyment, and peace of mind of the ride. Superior is appearance, performance, and safety, the reel leash is a clean, common sense, and sophisticated approach to keeping the paddle boarder connected. The reel leash also functions as an excellent tow line when another paddle boarder has lost their board.