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Freeride / Beginner

We have organized all of our freeride and beginner kiteboarding equipment into one convenient collection. Freeride kiteboarding can also be characterized as all-round kiteboarding as well. This disciplineĀ blends all aspects of kiting, from cruising, to jumping, to a bit of freestyle and even foiling. Freeride is by far the largest disciplineĀ as it encompassesĀ all aspects of kite surfing. Because this category is so diverse, the kiteboarding equipment below must be suited for most conditions, be stable, comfortable, and have a wide range of use.

This is why freeridingĀ equipment can also be used or considered as the perfect beginner equipment. The freeride kiteboarding gear is made for all-round use which allows beginners to dabble in all aspects of kitesurfing to find which discipline they would ultimately pursue. And for those seasoned kiteboarders, freeride equipment allows them to participate in all disciplines without having to sacrificeĀ a session by having kiteboarding gear that is too specific to one category or another. Freeride kiteboarding equipment is an easy choice for those who need well-rounded equipment that will not hold them back from having fun!