It is truly unfortunate that the wind doesn't below every day and most of us stugle with lightwinds. Although, it is probably best so there is some time for responsibilities. But, we are hoping to make you slightly less responsible by increasing your sessions by providing you with this collection of light wind specific kiteboarding and kitesurfing equipment. Find all of our most specific light wind gear that will get you out on those marginal days. Here at Session Sports we believe one of the biggest factors that affects progressing your skills is time on the water. Increase that time with these products and make sure you are utilizing all those marginals by learning something new even when the wind is light. Try a lightwind specific surfboard and learn those jibes and tacks, double your days on the water with a hydrofoil, or learn a new handle pass with low risk on a big kite. Don't let a little wind hold you down and shop our lightwind kiteboarding selections below today!