Kiteboarding Kite and Kiteboard Repairs

We offer kiteboarding kite and kiteboard repairs in the Charleston, SC and Pensacola, FL area. We take care of smaller kite and board repairs in-house such as replacing bladders, finding leaks, tuning or repairing bars, and small kiteboard repairs. If the job requires more intensive labor or machinery, i.e. ripped or torn kites, bladder patches, severe board damage, ect. We will then outsource the repair to one of several different kiteboarding repair locations in North America.

Please click the button below to send us a message about your repair. We will then help you determine the best plan of action and also provide you with a quote for a repair. We know how important your next session is to you so we will get back to you asap and do everything in our power to get you back on the water. 

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