2022 Eleveight Wing Foil Series WFS V2

The Wing Foil Series has a dihedral shape (V-shape) with exceptional aerodynamics for advanced surf- and SUP foil riding in all conditions.


The Wing Foil Series is the latest addition to the Eleveight product line up: A 4 m wing with a dihedral shape (V-shape), inspired by fighter jet designs, excellent for surf- and SUP foil riding. The aerodynamics are exceptional thanks to the stiff high volume leading edge with its deep profile. The frame features various grab handles to hold the wing comfortably in any position. Window panels and a wrist leash add to the safety while the Quick-Flow inflation system has you set up in seconds. All you need to do is sheet-in the wing, and start riding. When doing so, you will instantly sense the balanced power delivery and natural feeling control. Go single hand or even freehand when catching waves for the ultimate surf experience. The WFS takes you to a new sphere of watersports.

A must-have for every avid foil rider. Let’s start by talking specs and features: You are looking at a 4 m performance wing with a dihedral shape (V-shape) – a form similar to the wing design of fighter jets. This shape ensures that the tips don’t touch the water during the ride, slowing you down. It also improves the aerodynamics, which is further enhanced by the high volume leading edge that supplies a stiff frame and deep profile. The whole construction is extremely light and ultra-durable, thanks to the use of superior materials. We selected the renowned X4 Ripstop cloth made by Teijin Techno Force™ as well as XT canopy for the leading edge. To ensure an unobstructed view, we equipped the wing with window panels. Stiff grab handles along the leading edge and the single strut allows you to hold the WF comfortably in any position, offering full control. Lastly, we implemented our Quick-Flow inflation system, which has you set up in less than ten pump strokes. All you need to do is fasten the included wrist leash, sheet in the sail, and start riding.

Like every Eleveight product, the WFS is the result of an extensive research and development process, and an even longer testing period. The aim was to create a performance wing for the needs of surf- and SUP foil riders. Therefore the wing covers a tremendous wind range, is extremely easy to handle, and provides a balanced power delivery. Sheeting in or out feels exceptionally natural to every rider. Traveling upwind and picking up speed is a breeze. Lastly, the WFS has an outstanding downwind drift to allow single or even freehanded control for the ultimate surf feeling when catching a wave. Pick up the WFS and enter a new sphere of watersports.

Performance Features
  • One strut performance freeride foil wing
  • Suitable for all riding levels and disciplines
  • V-Shape with deep profile for maximum power development
  • Stiff and solid frame construction with high-end materials
  • Integrated handles for best grip adjustment and control


  • Style: Wing Foil Series
  • Version: V1
  • Type: Freeride
  • Sizes: 04
  • Colour Codes: Red (717) / Blue (715)


  • Improved canopy curve for improved load distribution that results in more power
  • New alignment of strut tips reduces drag for enhanced flight speed
  • Bridles moved closer to the wingtips for more direct bar feedback
  • Ultra-light load diffusers decrease weight and improve the canopy shape
  • Reworked trailing edge with anti-vibration patches for longevity and weight reduction

    Designer Quote

    The remarkably light and efficient design minimizes strain on the arms so that you can ride this wing for hours.