2023 Eleveight WS V6 Kiteboarding Kite

The choice kite of avid wave seekers, the WS will perform the most challenging manoeuvres and sync to your rhythm.


  • Three-strut Open-C Hybrid performance kite for wave, foil and freeriding
  • Stable downwind drift and light bar pressure for carefree surfing
  • Precise rapid turning for smooth and tight pivots
  • Medium aspect ratio ensures enormous wind range and low-end performance
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control and optimum surf experience


The WS is your ticket to the green room with outstanding performance that allows you to catch waves with ease. Accessible and fun, the WS automatically switches to auto-pilot just as soon as you drop in, then drifts unobtrusively down the line.

Version 6 of our dedicated surf kite has revised wingtips that allow for faster more precise turns without the need for force. The new pulley-less bridles give a more direct turning impulse with immediate bar feedback and less travel.

The Open-C hybrid three strut design provides power right when you need it, and the canopy load seam supports the profile to ensure stability. A further reduction in weight across the size range helps to ensure drift when riding the face of a wave.

The WS has exceptionally swift pivotal turning characteristics that enable you to pinwheel the kite without being ripped off the board. Automatically synchronizing with your surfing manoeuvres allows you to hack the lip with extreme force, throw massive spray, or make smooth flowing carves. The huge wind range adds to its accessibility making it a favourite for freeriders and foil addicts alike.

Wave riders love the light, yet direct bar pressure and the speed in which the WS flies. The medium sweep in the wingtips ensures great low-end performance and the aerodynamic design reduces flutter to give a performance kite with the greatest longevity.

No matter the swell, the WS will make sure you’re ripping your best out on the water.








  • Medium AR
  • Stable downwind drift
  • Gust absorber

The WS provides an excellent downwind drift thanks to the medium aspect ratio. It absorbs gusts and travels upwind with ease. As soon as you catch a wave, the kite switches to autopilot.


  • Medium to low sweep
  • Good power control
  • Direct handling

The outstanding bar feedback, light bar pressure, and responsiveness of the WS are due to the kite’s advanced wingtip sweep. You can fly complex manoeuvres without ever looking up.