2025 Eleveight Wing GT2

Lightweight crossover performance

The GT2 Plus has evolved from the need for a crossover wave to freeride wing that meets the demand for top performance. A high-tech design brief meant a lengthy development process testing new materials that give lightweight performance that’s stiff and reactive with fantastic downwind drift.


Drift and efficiency

Our highly innovative dual-infill panel adds advanced profile support between the strut and canopy to reduce turbulence and create natural drift. The GT2+ will become your best friend for every wave session and the optimal choice for long downwinders.


Stiff and light frame construction

Featuring premium XTC TEX material construction, the GT2+ is lighter, with a stiffer frame that makes it highly efficient and a much more responsive wing choice. Like with our RS+ kite, the GT2 + feels more direct and reflects our highest standard in material composition.


New lightweight full carbon CS Handles

The GT2+ wing features new lightweight full carbon handles for light and natural handling. The new ergonomic oval handle shape also has a redesigned EVA grip for torque control and comfort to suit your preferred riding style.


Changes for V2

In addition to the new CS Handles, the GT2+ has a deeper profile for improved low-end ability and a larger wind range. Its more dihedral shape combined with tip twist allows for unmatched drift, and a thinner leading edge means less drag and incredible upwind ability. The new super clean profile and canopy tension have optimised the GT2+ for more efficiency and direct control.


Who is it for?

With superior stiffness, lightness, and efficiency, the GT2+ is the choice for the ambitious freerider or wave seeker looking for top-performance wing capabilities!