Fix My Kite

3" Dacron Tape

3" Dacron Insignia Tape (by the roll)

Dacron Tape, also called Insignia Tape or Mark-Cloth, should be used to repair all cuts in the leading edge and struts of an inflatable kite. The dacron tape will provide the strength needed to repair small cuts without creating a huge mess to undo later if you decide to get the repair done professionally. Dacron tape can also be used in a pinch if traveling to fix small cuts in the sail to keep you on the water.

  • The Dacron tape is 3 inches (7.62cm) wide and 150 feet (50 yards or 45.72 meters).

Shop Note: Leading edge and strut cuts should always be professionally repaired and stitched. Dacron tape can be used as a quick fix to get you back on the water.


  1. Clean area of kite (can use Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol)
  2. Lay out area to be repaired flat on a table and remove all wrinkles
  3. Round corners of the tape
  4. Place tape over cut. Do not pull or stretch the tape. Tape should go beyond the cut by at least 1/2"
  5. Match another piece of tape on opposite side if possible