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7mm Inflate Valve, 1-way

Fixmykite.com7mm Valve, 1-way

The 7mm valve will replace inflate valves older kites (primarily produced before 2003). This valves is also used on Airush C-kites, GK (Globe Kites), and North along with one pump systems on Ocean Rodeo kites midyear 2010 and earlier plus some others kites and brands. This one way valve lets air enter while pumping but stops air from going out. Simply squeeze the valve to let air out when deflating or the one-way flap can be cut out to create a 2 way valve.

From the leaders in kite repair technology,'s Self-Stick Valves will stick on all bladders. Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair on an old bladder or attach to a brand new bladder. The specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable making for a permanent repair. Everything needed for installing the new valve is included in the package: alcohol wipe and detailed instructions.

The "Valve Patch Size" option is to select the size of the Tear-Aid patch the valve is attached to. Standard valves have a 3-inch diameter and the Mega patches have a 4-inch. This extra inch on the Mega means 77% more adhesive base and surface area compared to the standard valve patch size. The Mega patch is necessary when the old valve is cut from the bladder or the bladder is torn or warped when the old valve is removed. The additional surface area provided by the Mega valve patch allows quick and easy bladder repair, eliminating the need for an additional bladder.