Board Session Kiteboarding Lesson | 3HR

This is the next step in the progression after completing the Kite Session. From learning to put your feet in the board, to riding on top of the water, this kiteboarding lesson was designed to get you shredding as quickly and safely as possible! You will learn how to manage the kite and the board safely, how to get into the board and maintain control of your equipment at all time, and additional board riding skills such as performing water starts and proper edge control, speed control, and how to stop! The majority of students will be up and riding independently by the end of this lesson. (1-2 people | $300 per person)

  • This lesson includes two-way communication helmets.
  • The Board Session also includes an exclusive offer redeemable through ouronline store.
  • Students who purchase kiteboarding equipment will receive a FREE future meet up to ensure a safe first solo session without an instructor.
  • Sign up with a friend for Kite Session or Board Session and you both get $50 off your lesson. That's a total of $100 off of the lesson. You must take your lesson together for the discount.

If you are interested in a gift certificate, please place your order online and contact us. We will then send you one promptly.