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Brunotti Defense 3/2 Long Arm Shorty D/L Mens

The Brunotti Defence Longarm 3/2 Shorty is a must have for any serious kiteboarder.

Brunotti's quality and design have always been a stand out amongst its competitors. This longarm shorty is no different. It is constructed with Motion X Neoprene and designed with a 3D flex pattern which provides warmth and stretch, allowing you to perform at your best.

Longarm shorties are also one of the best solutions for kiters. The long arms prevent the kitesurfer from becoming too cold when the water or air temp is brisk. Kiters ride above the water. Because we are getting wet first, then riding on top of the water, the wind chill can lower your body temp quickly. This is where the longarm shorty comes into play. Stay warmer for longer without sacrificing performance with the Brunotti Defence Longarm 3/2 Shorty.

  • 3D Flex Pattern
  • Backzip
  • Key Pocket
  • Haloflex Chest Panel
  • H20 Zip Block
  • Glued Blind Stitched Outside
  • 3/2MM
  • Longarm
  • Defence