Fix My Kite

Double-Sided Seam Tape

1/4" Double-Sided Seam Tape Roll

Double-sided Seam Tape is ideal for kite repairs along edges that have to be closed: leading edges, trailing edges, strut, etc as well as foil kites. This high-quality double-sided tape is great for general sail seaming. Great adhesive and initial tack means you're not fumbling material and constantly resticking, and it will stay in place down a long length as you run it through the sewing machine. It has very high long-term adhesion and is a non-yellowing material on a low-stretch carrier. In other words, the perfect double-sided seaming tape.

  • The Seam tape is .25 inches (6.35mm) wide and 216 feet (72 yards or 65.83 meters).