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One-Pump Hose Kit

PKS One Pump Hose Kit

The PKS One Pump Hose Kit has all you need to replace the hoses and clips on your kite with an external one pump system. This kit works on most kites (except Airush, Blade, Epic, Gaastra which need larger diameter hose); only Naish kites with the internal Octopus valves and older kites where you pump each strut separately don't need hoses at all. Easy to use and fits like the original factory set. Choice of 3 or 5-strut kits.

3 Strut Kit Includes:

  • 3 one pump hoses
  • 3 one pump clips
  • 6 zip ties

5 Strut Kit Includes:

  • 5 one pump hoses
  • 5 one pump clips
  • 10 zip ties