Ronstan ORBIT Block Pulley (w/loop)

Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley

The Ronstan Orbit Block kite pulley is perfect for anyone tired of going through pulleys or the danger of failing pulleys. Though very similar in size to standard pulleys, the Orbit Block is way stronger with a 1200 pound rating. The Orbit Block is a ball bearing pulley, which will keep it freely spinning much longer than standard plastic wheel and axle pulleys that jam up easily, causing wear on your bridle lines. These pulleys come standard with our custom-stitched line going through the pulley. The loop is dual purpose providing a connection to a kite line and if there is a failure you can still maintain control of the kite and there will be no wear on your bridle!

The Ronstan Orbit Block kite pulley is a big improvement over the standard ronstan or many of the other pulleys that come stock with kites. Fully ball bearing so they are way more durable. These pulleys are just about the same size and weight as the standard ronstan so they will work perfect with any kite. Several customers who have had repeated pulley failures replaced their pullyes with the Orbit Block and we have not had one fail yet. This is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who has had problems with pulleys or just to prevent a future problem.


  • Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
  • Standard stitched line or choice of custom pigtail installed on pulley
  • Several popular brands/models are listed in the option. If you don't see the one you need, please specify the length and Brand/Model of kite in "Additional Notes" section during checkout