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Session Emotion Starter Package - Beginner Kiteboarding Package

The Session Starter package is by far the best way to get you into the sport or to save big on refreshing your quiver!

The initial investment into kiteboarding can hold some people back as kiteboarding lessons and kiteboarding packages can add up quickly. We hope to lower that bar while providing you with the safest equipment that will provide maximum progress.

If you are not new to the sport but are searching for the best deal, this one is hard to beat. This package includes the Kite, Bar, Pump, and Board for less than most kiteboarding kites!

And to add further value, this package includes all of the products from the top manufacturers. We have noticed several packages on the internet mixing and matching brands. The kites and bars are designed to work together so by mixing them, there are no guarantees that the safety systems will work properly. With the RRD Kite and Bar, you can assure you are getting the safest combination available.

What You will get with the Session Starter Pack - Freeride Kiteboarding Package:

Y25 RRD Emotion Kiteboarding Kite

The Emotion is a freeride kite in the RRD line and is surely one of the highest quality freeride kites on the market! The durable construction provides longevity, high-performance flying characteristics, great low-end power, amazing upwind ability, and easy relaunch for smooth sailing and a perfect introduction to the sport.

Y25 RRD Global Bar

The RRD Global Bar V8.2 bar is simple, clean, safe, and made to last! The four-line RRD Global bar is fine-tuned to work with the complete RRD kite range. It ensures the highest performance of each kite. Everything about this bar is made in regard to safety, control, and comfort. 

2021/22 Brunotti Discovery Complete Kiteboard

The Discovery is Brunotti Kiteboarding's most popular freeride board. It's a staple in the Brunotti kiteboard range as reliable, progressive, and comfortable. The Brunotti Discovery offers a medium flex pattern and a round outline, which makes it forgiving in choppy conditions. The flatter rocker in the center also makes water starts and riding upwind a breeze.

The Session Progression Kiteboarding Package Includes the Following:

Normal Retail Price: $2,826.59

Package Price: $1,699.00

YouSave: $1,127.59


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