Versa Mount - X Mount for GoPro (360° Swivel Surface Mount)

The new Versa X Mount is a 360-degree rotation mount that comes in a waterproof 3M- brand sticky surface X-mount for application on SUPs, surfboards, kiteboards, etc. The rotating swivel will "lock" into position for a steady angle, yet can be changed on the fly as needed. Then head out and get some sick footage of all your favorite action sports, or have the freedom to swivel the angle on the fly for any non-action videos. Film yourself then simply swivel the camera around to film your friends.

Now with the Versa Mount you aren't stuck with that one boring camera angle. MADE IN THE USA, Versa Mounts are a high-durability fiberglass/nylon mix with Marine-grade Aluminum swivel to be bombproof and last a long time no matter where you put it. You can even heat up the adhesive to remove it from objects, and then re-stick elsewhere... the possibilities are endless.

  • 360° on-the-fly rotation. Get as many camera angles as possible and make more interesting videos
  • Tool less articulation swivel with interlocking teeth to keep the camera at a set angle. Locked in assurance that your camera won't move
  • Fiberglass/Plastic is super heavy duty and the marine-grade Aluminum resists corrosion
  • Easily attach any of the GoPro Hero camera systems
  • Waterproof adhesive can be heated and peeled off the surface, then restuck elsewhere
  • Delivers low-profile positioning and ultra-compact mounting