2019 Brunotti Dimension 136x40 Twintip

Dimension Woodcore Twintip Board and Fins Only

Make it complete by adding pads and straps!

The Dimension is a sweet all-round board that’ll not only suit you well while slicing through water, but will also not let you down when performing freestyle tricks. This CNC shaped wood core is equipped with an “Active Backbone”, similar to a stringer that runs through the whole board. Together with the 3D shape alongside the rail which reduces the boards torsion, this twintip will put a big smile on your face due to it’s well-known control and comfort.

Available in size: 136x40

Key Features:

  • Hyperbolic Chassis
  • Torque Equalizer
  • Active Backbone
  • Double Channel
  • Double Concave


  • CNC Wood Core
  • Biaxial Carbon Fibre Weave


  • Splitter Twintip Fins
  • Screwcap 4pcs