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Session Closeout Kiteboarding Package

The Session Closeout package was created to save you time and money!

We organized all of our closeout kites and boards into one place and combine them all into one kiteboarding package!

If you are searching for the best deals, this one is hard to beat. This package includes the Kite, Bar, Pump, and Board for less than most kiteboarding kites!

There is no need to spend hours searching for the best-priced gear and building your own package any longer. It's all here in the Session Closeout Kiteboarding Package. 

What You will get with the Session Closeout Kiteboarding Package:

2018, 2019, or 2020 Kiteboarding Kite

We have added all of our closeout kites so the disciplines will vary. Below is a list of the available closeout kites and their disciplines. 

  • 2020 Eleveight FS - Freestyle
  • 2020 WS 13.0 - Freeride/Surf
  • 2019 Eleveight FS - Freestyle
  • 2018 Eleveight FS  - Freestyle
  • 2019 Eleveight RS  - Freeride
  • 2018 RRD Vision - Freeride
  • 2018 Obsession - Freestyle

2020 Eleveight CS Vary Bar

The Eleveight CS Vary bar is simple, clean, safe, and made to last! The four-line CS Vary bar is fine-tuned to work with the complete Eleveight kite range. It ensures the highest performance of each wing. Everything about this bar is made in regard to safety, control, and comfort. The bar has a single front line safety system and the most innovative Quick Release on the market. Our truly progressive Quick Matic release aces all international safety tests such as the French norm safety compliance

2019 Brunotti Dimension Complete Kiteboard

The Onyx is Brunotti Kiteboarding's most popular freeride board. It's a staple in the Brunotti kiteboard range as a reliable, progressive, and comfortable. The Onyx offers a medium flex pattern and a round outline, which makes it forgiving in choppy conditions. The flatter rocker in the center also makes water starts and riding upwind a breeze.


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