2023 Eleveight Process V6 Freeride TwinTip

The Process delivers ultimate performance for freeride fun even in the most challenging conditions.


  • High-performance freeride twintip with game-changing flex
  • Parabolic (PRS) rails with ABS material for grip and upwind ability
  • New Fly 3D Paulownia wood core reinforced with a carbon stringer for smooth landings and superior carving
  • Progressive channel design for exceptional control in high speeds
  • Equipped with Airgo3 pads and straps and 45mm G10 fins


Delivering advanced performance year on year, the Process is our top selling freeride board with unique features that spark its popularity. Shaped with the latest high-tech materials, it provides grip in strong gusts, early planing in light winds, and cushions the most vicious chop, making all conditions fun.

New eye-catching graphics have updated Version 6, along with a Fly 3D Paulownia wood core reinforced with a carbon stringer for smooth landings and superior carving. The ABS rail material enhances impact resistance further and the optimum flex adds comfort to the knees.

The Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) improves grip and upwind ability, as well as tackles chop and spray making the Process ultra-playful and dynamic to ride. Progressing riders still find it easy to control, but release the edge and it’ll also deliver for hangtime addicts who want to go big.






  • Medium 3 stage rocker
  • Great pop and release
  • Early planing and superb upwind ability


The Process is designed with a medium rocker to support the pop and release when initiating tricks and to plane very early for outstanding upwind riding ability.


  • Optimized flex pattern for each size
  • Well balanced between comfort and performance
  • Harder reverse flex for better carving and landing


The Process comes with a very balanced flex pattern that combines comfort and performance. To enhance the experience of smooth carves and increase comfort during hard landings, we added a hard reverse flex. Each board size is optimised individually for flex.


  • Elliptic outline with rounded tips
  • Less water splash
  • Outstanding carving ability
  • Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) for more grip upwind abilities


The Process carves exceptionally well thanks to the elliptical outline and rounded tips. Improved grip and ease of upwind travel are also achieved by the parabolic rail shape, and spray is redirected away from the rider.


  • Single concave with tip channels
  • Railsteps for more grip
  • Less drag for early planing

To ensure early planing while also providing plenty of grip, we designed the Process with a single concave. The bottom also features channels at the tips as well as rail steps.