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Aquaseal Repair- Wetsuit and Nylon Repair Adhesive

Aquaseal Repair Adhesive

Aquaseal is a highly flexible, elastic urethane repair adhesive that bonds to neoprene, nylon, Gore-Tex, Hypalon, urethane, rubber, latex, vinyl (PVC), and other trilaminates, many fabrics, foams, composites, many plastics & more.

Aquaseal is the industry standard for maximum strength repairs to tears and rips in your wet suits, dry suits, waders, dry bags, latex gaskets, and other outdoor gear. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals, and protects against abrasion. Hundreds of watersports and household uses. Aquaseal is a clear, waterproof adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going.

Storage tip: To prevent the unused portion from hardening in the tube, follow these simple steps: Squeeze Aquaseal right up to the opening so there's no air pocket. Then put some vaseline on the threads before screwing on the cap. Now put the tube in a zip-seal bag and store it in the freezer. When you're ready to use the tube again, warm it at room temperature or in the bag in warm water and you're good to go!