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2024 Eleveight Escape+ CFT Surfboard

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For premium performance, the Escape+ is the ultimate board for chasing small waves or exploding into radical strapless freestyle tricks.

Performance Features:

  • Versatile noseless shape for strapless freestyle and surfing small waves
  • Premium CFT construction that generates a pure surf feel
  • Short rail line to minimise drag and optimise pop
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box
  • Hand shaped for high performance

Design Vision:

Taking the Escape to the next level, the Escape + is versatile in shape and premium in performance.

Featuring a noseless design and our top level CFT construction, the Escape + delivers a pure surf feel in small to medium waves and explosive freestyle potential. Using the short rail line shape of the Escape, we’ve minimised drag and optimised pop, and for the Plus model we’ve gone even further.

The PU core features a wooden stringer and is laminated in Polyester with an Innegra/carbon vector grid for increased durability. The single concave bottom generates speed and provides insane dynamic drive, while reinforced fin boxes keeps your ride secure even in the sketchiest landings.

Hand shaped in Portugal, the Escape + is the choice of snappy riders seeking versatile top performance from their board.

Key Changes:

  • Updates in shape
  • New CFT construction
  • Polyester lamination for pure surf feel
  • New Sizes