T120 Four Blade Metal Waydoo Propeller

Looking to improve your ride on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus? Look no further than the T120 Four Blade Metal Waydoo Propeller. This high-performance propeller offers more low-end, more torque, and greater overall durability compared to traditional plastic, three-blade alternatives.

Additionally, it's perfect for larger riders looking to get on foil at lower speeds as the four blades allow for improved thrusting power and more durability while in flight. This propeller is designed for more low-end performance for the Waydoo Flyer One +.

Whether you’re out on a leisurely ride or pushing the limits of skill and innovation, you can rely on the T120 Four Blade Metal Waydoo Propeller to take your experience to new heights faster...literally, because it gets you on foil sooner.